New Hire Onboarding and Sales Playbook

Give your advertising and marketing sales team an introduction to the industry that sets them up for success with Navaquest Really Smart Marketing. Our comprehensive onboarding program and 4-week sales playbook will equip your new hires with the tools they need to hit the ground running and generate new business for your clients and prospects. 

By working with Navaquest for your New Hire Onboarding and Sales Playbook, you will arm your sellers with...

  • Faster onboarding, so they hit the streets faster.
  • The tools they need to crush every CNA appointment and close more sales.
  • The knowledge they need to qualify prospects, earn trust and credibility, and solve client problems.

What's included in Navaquest's New Hire Onboarding and Sales Playbook?

  • A comprehensive on-demand program that can include additional 1-on-1 coaching if needed.  (Virtually or in person)
  • 5 Modules, 16 Lessons, and downloadable resources to set the stage for an incredible career in marketing and advertising sales
  • 8-week Infield Action Plan to establish activity goals to fill their pipeline and sales funnel
  • All lessons have testing for comprehension and skill development
  • Virtual or in-person coaching is available
  • 1 dedicated link per employee with manager access to their team's dashboard

Choose Navaquest for a superior onboarding experience that prepares your new sellers for success. Contact us today to get started!

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