Course Overview

The Digital Marketing Mastery Class is the most comprehensive digital marketing training in the industry. It will help you become a “T-shaped” marketer. This 16-hour training is designed to give you the “top of the T” in digital marketing, moving you a step closer to becoming a full-stack marketer.

In this class, you will cover the foundation of DigitalMarketer’s curriculum:

  • The Customer Avatar Canvas
  • Core Message Canvas
  • The Customer Value Journey

After you’ve completed our foundational topics, you’ll get a top-level overview of the major channels of digital marketing, including:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Search marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Community management
  • Data and optimization

Once this certificate is complete, we encourage you to take one of our track programs to solidify the “vertical part of your T” to become a full stacked digital marketer.

Course Outline 

Learn the role of digital marketing and how to leverage it in today’s business world.

Module Lessons-

  1. The Goal
  2. Traditional v. Digital
  3. Role of Digital Marketing
  4. Critical Disciplines
  5. 3 Tools for Modern Marketers
  6. B2B v B2C

Build out a Core Message Canvas and Customer Avatar Canvas and finally get clear on who you’re selling to.

Module Lessons-

  1. Knowing Your Customer
  2. Customer Avatar Canvas
  3. Customer Before & After
  4. Building Your Before & After
  5. Before & After in Action
  6. Core Message Canvas

Discover how to seamlessly move a person from a lead to paying customer to raving fan.

Module Lessons-

  1. Mapping The Customer Value Journey
  2. Awareness
  3. Engagement
  4. Subscribe
  5. Convert
  6. Excite
  7. Ascend
  8. Advocate
  9. Promote
  10. Optimizing Your Value Journey
  11. Call To Action

Gain a basic, clear understanding of how to leverage content marketing strategies to grow your business.

Module Lessons-

  1. Content Marketing: Introduction
  2. What is Content Marketing?
  3. You Are Here
  4. Voice
  5. Content Strategy
  6. Content Options
  7. Monetize Content
  8. Content Marketing KPIs
  9. Content Tools
  10. Call To Action
  11. Copywriting: Introduction
  12. Content Writing v. Copywriting

Gain a basic, clear understanding of how to use social media to build real relationships with your audience.

Module Lessons-

  1. Social Media: Introduction
  2. You Are Here
  3. Social Channels
  4. Targeting Your Audience
  5. Creating Content
  6. Social Media KPIs
  7. Goals of Social Media
  8. Brand Management
  9. Call To Action

Module Lessons-

  1. Digital Advertising: Introduction
  2. You Are Here
  3. Paid Traffic: Overview
  4. Why Use Paid Traffic?
  5. Landscape Overview
  6. Planning
  7. Creative: The 3 Core Elements
  8. Budgeting
  9. The 3 Pillars of Paid Media
  10. Optimizing Your Paid Media
  11. Reporting
  12. Paid Advertising Wrap-Up
  13. Call To Action
  14. Data & Optimization/Landing Pages: Introduction
  15. Landing Pages
  16. Landing Page Copywriting
  17. Design Elements: Introduction
  18. Design Goals
  19. Ad Creatives
  20. Design Resources
  21. Call To Action

Gain a basic, clear understanding of how to leverage SEO strategies to generate rankings and free, organic traffic to your site.

Module Lessons-

  1. Search Marketing: Introduction
  2. You Are Here
  3. What is SEO?
  4. Technical SEO
  5. On-Page SEO
  6. Off-Page SEO
  7. SEO KPIs
  8. Call To Action

Gain a basic, clear understanding of how to create email campaigns that get opened and get the click.

Module Lessons-

  1. Email Marketing: Introduction
  2. You Are Here
  3. Tools & Tactics
  4. List Hygiene
  5. Actionable Metrics & KPIs
  6. High-Value Segmentation
  7. Broadcast v. Follow-up
  8. Call to Action
  9. Email Copy
  10. Elements of Email Copy
  11. Call to Action: Using Social Media to Practice Copywriting

Gain a basic, clear understanding of how to build a thriving online community that positively impacts your bottom line.

Module Lessons-

  1. Community Management: Introduction
  2. You Are Here
  3. Why Communities?
  4. Creating Your Community
  5. Launching Your Community
  6. Sense of Community
  7. Community Metrics
  8. Call To Action

Gain a basic, clear understanding of how to use data and optimization tactics to find what marketing techniques work best for your business and customers.

Module Lessons-

  1. You Are Here
  2. Data Purpose
  3. Lagging vs. Leading Metrics
  4. Top of the Funnel Metrics
  5. Middle of the Funnel Metrics
  6. Bottom of the Funnel Metrics
  7. Optimizing Using Data
  8. Identification
  9. User Research
  10. Hypothesis Construction
  11. Prioritization
  12. Running & Reporting a Test
  13. Call To Action

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Course Details

- Tuition: $995
- Level: Intermediate/Advanced
- Setting: Online/Virtual
- Course Length: 16 Hours
- Expected Completion Time: 3 - 7 Days

What's Included

  • 10 Core Modules
  • 105 Video Lesson
  • The Customer Value Journey Handout
  • The Customer Avatar Worksheet
  • Core Message Canvas Worksheet
  • The Full-Color, 149-Page Workbook
  • 16-Page Final Exam Study Guide
  • Digital Marketing Mastery Pacing Calendar
  • 1 FINAL Exam


  • Become versed in all forms and strategies of digital marketing and gain insight into how digital marketing fits under the marketing umbrella

  • Get tried-and-true frameworks to effectively reach your audience and turn prospects into loyal customers

  • Gain a solid foundation of the 8 core concepts of digital marketing (content marketing, social media, digital advertising, SEO, email marketing, community management, data and optimization, and copywriting)

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